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The Global Store web site aims to to provide you with a facility to quickly find sources of products and services worldwide, with a touch of the unusual. In addition to links to web sites worldwide there is general and specialised information on products and services.

Links to merchants providing products and services are displayed on multi levels becoming more detailed as you move down the levels. This gives you fast access to even the most detailed level of merchants. En-route you will find information about products and services, news promotions and offers.

We do not sell any products or services directly from this site unless specifically stated. Please contact the relevant store direct for all enquiries about products and services, as we cannot provide messaging or mediation.

The site is optimised for fast downloading, hence the use of fancy graphics is limited to give you the page you want quickly. The only place where you may find the download is a bit slower is on some of the store pages where, by necessity, graphics are included.

We do not use popup or popunder windows on this site as we find these can be annoying to visitors. The only windows which will come up on this site are those you request. Note some of the sites we link to may use popup or popunder windows, which are beyond our control.

You will find alternate regional spelling of some words within a page, relative to the store's location.


As per FTC (US) and OFT (UK) regulations, we are required to disclose any relationship we have with the merchants and products displayed on this website. While does not supply, stock or sell any products or services, we may act as an affiliate marketer of items we are offering.

There are a few things you need to know about how this works:

Links to product websites that appear within the website may be affiliate links, which means if you click on one of those links and order something from the merchant’s website we may get compensated for that purchase.

Does that mean you will pay a higher price?

No, it doesn’t! The cost of the item will be the same whether you click on our affiliate link or go directly to the store’s website. In fact you may pay less as some links will take you special offers on a store’s website that are only available using our links. Any commissions we get paid come from the stores’s profit.

Why do you use affiliate links? generates revenue by referring customers to partner online stores via our affiliate links. This is how we are able keep improving the site and adding new content and useful material.

Privacy and Cookies

Now that you are here, we may have transferred a cookie to your computer. A cookie is a small piece of information that may be sent from this website to your browser for storage on your computer. If you want to know more about them then there is a useful and slightly complicated explanation on Wikipedia, HTTP Cookies.

Where do the cookies come from?

So that we can measure the popularity of of this site, where people come from and other general statistics, we use Google Analytic’s. It may store cookies to track new and repeat visitors. It does not have any detail on who you are. Advertising links can use cookies to track from which site you came from. Some of those will be for affiliate links where cookies may be used in tracking and payment systems.

Your Privacy

Cookies used on this site do not contain any personal information. Any information collected is anonymous and generalised. This site will not sell any email addresses and names to any third party. Any email addresses/names left in comments or mentioned in emails sent to this site will be kept private and not sold to anyone. Your privacy is respected at all times.

Cookie Removal

If you wish to know how to remove cookies then The Ultimate Guide to Cookies should be of help.

Cookie Usage

As this site uses advertising and software that was created by another person or company, the usage of cookies is beyond our control and we may not be able to ask your permission. In all other cases your continued use of this site is deemed as your acceptance of any cookies.


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