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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of the global store site?

The site helps you to obtain products and services worldwide, available locally, nationally and internationally. We only list stores and their products and services. The country where the product or service provider is based and the availablity is indicated in the entry.

How do I know if the link to a site is worth visiting?

We try to give you as much information about what the site has to offer in the way of products and services before you go there.

Do you sell products and services directly from this site?

No, unless specifically stated. Please contact the relevant store for ordering and all enquiries about products and services.

Can you arrange for a store to send me a product or supply a service?

Please contact the relevant store directly for ordering.

Do you ship any products or arrange shipping?

Please contact the relevant store directly for shipping details.

Can you give me a price quote for a product or service?

Please contact the relevant store directly for their latest prices.

Can you accept a payment and pass it on to a store?

Please make all payments directly to the relevant store.

Can you liase with a store on my behalf?

Please direct all communications directly to the relevant store.

Do you buy individual products or in bulk?

We do not buy any products for resale.

How often do you add new products and services?

Listings of stores new and existing products and services are constantly being added to the site.

Can you help me find a product or service?

We may be able to help you find a product or service.

Do you offer price comparison of products?

We find it is better to visit the merchant's site as they may currently be offering a special deal, not directly shown by the price against the product. Some price comparison sites may be out of date and not have an extensive listing of merchants. You may find that an unlisted merchant is giving a better deal.

Why do windows containing adverts that I have not requested appear on my desktop?

Sometimes entry or exit of a site will trigger these, or it may be due to software running on your machine. See the help section (Adverts and Pop-Ups) for more details.


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