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Boat Insurance

Eagle Star UK/UK
Eagle Star can provide boat and related insurance through Navigators & General.

Yacht and Motorboat: This policy covers all types of pleasure craft including yachts, powerboats, cruisers, sportsboats, RIBs and classic craft from 5m/16' 6" up to a value of 5,000,000, based in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, European and Mediterranean Waters.

Small craft: Designed specifically for vessels under 5m/16' 6" in length, Navigators & General cover most types of sailing dinghy, small motorboats and speedboats.

Inland waterway: As one of the largest insurers of canal and rivercraft in the UK, Navigators & General provides cover for narrowboats, cruisers and yachts on all types of inland waterways, tailored to meet your personal cruising requirements. We can also include cover for craft during fitting out or for residential use.


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