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Base and Availabilty

The green text following the blue site link shows the country where the product or service provider is based, and following the forward slash, the country where the product or service is available. The availability may be further qualified with a business name or location, especially in the case of national stores in the case of an availabilty code of "NS", or the locality if shown as "LO".

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The availabilty code refers to the location where the product or service can be obtained from, not to where the product or service may be used. A typical example of this is a credit card which may only be available to a US resident, in which case the availaibilty code would be "US", but the service - the credit card - may be used internationally. Where shipping to international destinations is shown by WW there may be restrictions, and US may include AK, HI, all U.S. Territories and APO/FPO addresses.

Base/Availability examples
US/WWBased in the United States/Available internationally
US/USBased in the United States/Available in the United States
US/NSBased in the United States/Available in National stores
US/LOBased in the United States/Available in Local store

Click here for base and availabilty codes

Secure shopping

Many online merchants employ the latest measures to protect your security when you shop with them. Check for 128-bit SSL encryption of your credit/debit card information when you place your order, which means a third party should not be able to decrypt the information in your transaction. Sending your credit/debit card details in an email is not a secure method. On the page of the merchant's site where you enter your credit/debit card details, security is indicated by: the address in the Address/Location bar changing from http:// to https://; and a padlock symbol (or key) showing in your web browser. In the unlikely event of unauthorised use of your credit or debit card for a purchase, most banks and card issuers either cover all the charges or may limit your liability, provided that the unauthorised use of your credit or debit card resulted through no fault of your own. If your bank or card issuer holds you liable, you should check if the merchant will cover your liability, some merchants promote this as an incentive to purchase from them. You can download free software which will check the security of the order page of any website. Click here to vist the site...

International Shipping

If a merchant in the U.S.A. does not ship international you can still obtain goods from them, wherever you are in the world - click here for more details... US/WW

PDF files

You will need a copy of The Adobe Acrobat Reader® to view PDF files. This is available from the Adobe site by clicking here...

Downloading Instructions: AOL and Explorer users should RIGHT click the link, then click "Save Target As" and place it in your desired folder or LEFT click and wait while the pdf file downloads and opens in a new window. After download the eBook can be saved, if required, using the floppy disk icon on the Adobe Acrobat screen. If you do not have your browser enabled for Acrobat then the file should download as normal. Netscape users should LEFT click and will be able to open it or save it to their computer. Alternatively to the above, you can download as a zip file for extraction and viewing when required.

Adverts and Pop-Ups

Do you find there are an increasing number of unsolicited windows containing adverts appearing on your desktop, sometimes related to the subject you searched for? While you browse, some sites may be installing software on your machine, often without your consent or knowledge. This software will monitor your online activities and present you with windows showing adverts. To counter this expanding problem, we suggest you download and run Ad-aware, a free program that will scan your computer for this type of software and safely remove it. Ad-aware should be run periodically to ensure your computer is free from these annoying adverts.


You will find that dates are represented in a different order on some regional site entries. For instance the 4th November 2012 will be shown as 11/04/2012 on US based site entries and 04/11/2012 on UK based site entries.


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